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Le nouveau trailer du Roi Lion me laisse perplexe...

@pla I guess I have to move, I'm living in the wrong place😁

@kuketzblog das klappt bestimmt, wenn man nur fest genug daran glaubt 😁

@pixelfed I have tried it out, but it is a little confusing, that you have to click "hide media toolbar" to so see the "publish" button and at this point you have no option to delete the post anymore, which means you you have to go one step back by selecting "show media toolbar" (which is now on a different place, no button anymore) - that should be more logical.

- Manager in der - Fianzierungsrunde:
Na wenn das keine gute Kombination ist 🙄

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Man glaubte immer, kriminelle Präsidenten würden in dunklen Ecken unter vier Augengeheime Mordaufträge vergeben.

Das macht man öffentlich heute, auf Twitter.

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✨Hi new followers! A short introduction:✨
I love generative stuff of all sorts! I make them into bots ( @beetlesbot ), stickers, fabrics, light installations or pen plots.
I also like crafting a lot! Pottery, weaving, wooly stuff.
I want to get more into game dev and hardware!

To keep track of my progress, I started a video series ("Work in Progress") to document a bit of behind the scenes stuff of what I do. They are available with English subtitles:

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⚠️Security Announcement ⚠️

If you run an instance with federation enabled, please make sure you are running version v0.8.4 (released 2 weeks ago) or newer.

If you are running an older version than 0.8.4, we recommend updating ASAP.

More details will be released in a few days.


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Habe mit über die unendlichen Vorteile Freier Software für die öffentliche Verwaltung gesprochen. Mit dabei ist auch Fazit: Es ist ein Rätsel, warum das nicht längst Standard ist: #FreierCode #Publiccode

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crosspost from @matrix since their instance is currently down:

We’ve taken down the servers which host (link: and (link: for emergency security maintenance - estimated downtime is several hours. More updates as we have them.

the security maintenance is to address issues with (link:'s production infrastructure. This is not a Synapse issue.

@kattascha Schrecklich - ich finde dein Engagement toll, lass dich nicht von solchen Kleingeistern unterkriegen.

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@entuall Nice image, I like the mood and the colors.

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@pla Puuh, scary, luckily no one was hurt.

@kattascha Als Pausenfüller bei ARTE wäre das ideal 😁

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Wir sollten noch mehr Überzeugungsarbeit leisten und insbesondere Medien, öffentliche Einrichtungen und Politiker ins Mastodon-Universum holen.

Macht mit!

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A small video showing how to manage #polls with #Fedilab
I used the delete & re-draft feature that also woks with them.
The media button is automatically removed when a poll is attached. That's not a bug.

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